Sandi serves people of all ages, as well as people from all cultures and traditions. She serves in person in clinics in Toronto and Oakville, Ontario – or – will travel out to your community.

She serves many international clients through online connections and distance sessions. Every journey with a client is uniquely and specifically designed to individual needs, abilities and capacity. Sandi enjoys educating people in the reality of how they got to where they are, how they can create their reality, how the body functions, the reality of how the whole being functions and universal principles. Sandi will encourage and assist you where needed to help you develop your self-awareness, self-monitoring and self-advocacy skills as you become an active participant in your journey.

Make Vitality Part of Your Journey

Sandi’s services can be broadly categorized as in person body work, and remote or in person Indigenous and Integrative medicine services.

Indigenous Medicine

Indigenous Medicine, IM for short, is where Sandi – mixed blood, mixed cultures, brings her collective training, wisdom and universal principles to your needs. Through opening all channels of communication, we gain understanding.

Sandi’s IM counselling sessions are dynamic, creative endeavors – a journey unto themselves. Her spectrum of counselling covers areas such as: nutrition, self-management, trauma resolution, stress management, and a variety of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues.

Sandi serves all people, all ages, from many different cultures, religions and traditions, using best practice talk therapy, traditional talking circle, and story telling weaving physical and spiritual awareness.

You will develop insight along with processes, skills and tools you can take into action in your daily life. The aim is to empower you, to help you navigate all that life brings – the challenges and the ecstasy. If you want change – you will be given all you need to achieve change.


Indigenous and Integrative Medicine Counselling include such topics as:

  • Body communication/Medical or body intuition
  • Communication with self/communication with world surround
  • Health/wellness support (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • Immune Support (whole being)
  • Pain/Chronic Illness Management
  • Personal Development (‘life coaching’)
  • Nutrition (ethno-nutrition, ethno-botanical approach)
  • Soul Journeys
  • Stress Management

Note: These sessions are available in person, virtually or by phone. Session times vary dependent on individual needs. Soul journeys require preparation before the session and follow through after the session.


Body Intuition

Body Intuition is simply communicating with the body and allowing the body to speak, to tell the story of what is occurring for it. Often people using this have already had a Medical Intuition Scan, or, they have some physical or health challenges they are navigating their way through. This reading allows people to ask specific questions, or request specific information from the body, within a shorter time frame than a Medical Intuition Scan.

Distance Healing Sessions

Remote bioenergetic healing sessions which, as required, address all aspects of a person’s being – body, mind, spirit and emotions. Adjustments occur at the vibrational (energetic) level of your being. The sessions are 30 minutes in length. They require you to provide an update on your status the day before your booking. You may request a summary of your session. Sometimes, there are suggestions for you to act on, as a way of assisting your return to balance (healing) or the integrating and processing of your session.

Elder's Readings

The Elders are the ‘older’ and ‘wisdom’ people that are walking with you through your life journey. They may be Ancestors from your lineage, wise people from different traditions you have an affinity with, wise people from other eras and times or wise people from other dimensions. Elders readings occur for a specific question, issue or situation occurring for an individual. If you do not have a specific question – sometimes – people simply ask the Elders for a teaching … information that is most appropriate for you at this time in your life journey.

Integrative Medicine Consultations

IM Consultations are for the times where people do not need to enter into a full counselling/therapeutic relationship and what they want is some direction on how to co-ordinate their team of health practitioners, western doctors/specialists and types of therapy they are using. They want to understand how all the medicine ways assist them, and how to best time them in relation to one another for most efficient outcome in attaining their goals. If program planning is required – Sandi will begin the process and teach the skills to you to manage your own program. For example – assisting people in their advocacy skills, self monitoring skills, preparation for sessions/therapy and scheduling.

Medical Intuition Scan

MI is a way of gathering information. It is a methodology, a full process of communicating with a person’s body. It allows the body to share the story of what is occurring now, in the moment, what has happened in the past, and factors (internal and external) influencing what is occurring. This is a beneficial service for people who are looking to understand how to get out of where they are now and to understand the root/cause of what they are experiencing.

NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

This is a process of uncovering and changing unconscious patterns and beliefs that are limiting a person’s ability to function, to maintain their health or to live their life to the fullness of their true potential. It is a guaranteed process of change, providing active follow through and skill development, once unconscious patterns and beliefs are changed. The active follow through helps to create the neurology required for rapidly and successfully attaining the new goals, desires and/or visions.

Soul Journeys

Our soul, our essence – is that part of our being that infuses our life and imbibes our physical, mental and emotional being. Sometimes we can feel well connected to who we are, as the divine presence we are. Sometimes we feel disconnected and separate. These journeys are guided altered state of consciousness experiences, providing us access to the amazingness of who we are and what we are capable of, how we are restricting ourselves and how we can take action to move forward. Each journey is a positive, uplifting, life affirming and self affirming process, even if we feel vulnerable and raw.

Investment and Options

Prices are indicated within FAQs of each modality/service provided.
In general, all services are time based, fee for service, unless otherwise stated.

Recognizing Disparity
I serve people of all ages, all cultures, traditions and religions. I provide a BIPOC friendly and LGBTQIA+ friendly environment.

In recognition of social and economic disparity, I offer co-creative payment plans for people in need. This allows people to participate in the services when they need the services, without waiting until they have money.