Welcome To Vital Health Initiative

Allow this website to share the services I offer and the source of my passion. Guided by teachings that have been proffered since the dawn of humanity, I believe there is a reason you are here. Within these pages you will find inspiring information to assist you on the journey of becoming the best ‘you’ possible.




I believe awareness of the self assists in the awareness of others and leads to unity consciousness – an innate recognition of a world where all people living in it, are living in balance with one another – and each person has an inherent value simply because they exist.

I see a world where people are living as the very best of human nature. I see a world where people celebrate diversity and differences as the spice of life. I see a world where people have respect and honour for our Earth Mother, all her people and all humans. I see a world where people understand how they function. I see a world when people uplift their being – they also have a desire to uplift others. I see a world when people have respect for all aspects of themselves – they naturally have respect and compassion for others. I have the intent to leave the world a better place then it was when I arrived (both times). Thus, I will be leaving the world a better place for my children, my children’s children and many generations to follow.

My Promise To You

I sit before you as a mirror and a guide, reflecting your Self to you and shining a light where you might not be consciously looking, or where you may perceive darkness. I relate with you in the realm of self-empowerment – kindness, honesty, sharing, strength – with respect, honor and gratitude. Along with unconditional love, these are the sacred values of the teachings I walk with.

I have been taught – and through experience I have come to believe – I am no better than you. I am no worse than you. You are no better than I. You are no worse than I. We are of equal value in the web of life. We, each, are of important value in the integrity of the web of life. You are you. And … I am I. I live ‘I n I’ reality – where we are all one, and we are one with the divine (or whatever other word you choose to use – God, Allah, Buddha, Goddess, Universe, Creator, Wakan Tanka).
I will walk alongside you so long as you choose. At all times, I will serve you to the best of my ability. I will bless you & keep you in my daily prayers as you request. I will assist you to reach the goals you set for your journey. I will not go where I am not asked to go. I will bring the integrity and ethical conduct, the Elders have set forth, into every session, every discussion, every class. I will walk with you through the darkest of nights, the highest of mountains, the lowest of valleys and the brightest of days. I will not pretend to know that which is outside my realm. I will offer connection to others as appropriate. I make a promise to you of an environment of sacred relation, a willingness of exchange in the dance of co-creation. For I am fully aware of the power of your body – and – the power of your being. I am fully aware your journey is yours.

Be as it may, ask as you shall, and I will respond.