Changes for COVID-19

What changes have occurred in the clinics/services?

The services I am trained in are non-regulated healthcare services. Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a self-regulated healthcare service. The clinical training and standards I hold myself to are mentioned in the Integrative Medicine section.

Individual changes:

  • Ontario Public Health IPAC training completed during the shutdown in early 2020 and repeated in Jan 2021; international CEU training in Covid-19 and post-Covid syndrome as it becomes available.
  • Serving as Public Health Representative in the Toronto and Oakville clinics – helping to design and update covid safety plans, developing and maintaining protocol for in person appointments, PPE, office cleansing, disinfecting and all related procedures.
  • Regularly maintaining research on PPE, current Covid-19 trends and regulations.
  • Self screening on daily basis for every workday of in person appointments.
  • All counselling, consulting services and readings currently only available via telemedicine (virtual or phone).
  • Providing regular consulting for IPAC/Covid-19 issues including regulations, reliable information, and post-covid syndrome.
  • In person body work/Osteopathic Manual Therapy services for essential treatments, in accordance with best practice public health guidelines for healthcare services, city by-laws, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom and Ontario Patient Bill of Rights.

In offices:

  • Safety plans are accessible within the office space for all administrative staff and health care practitioners.
  • Protocols have been set up for all daily processes.
  • Treatment room and office re-design allows for clean air, social distancing and safe interactions.
  • Appointment times extended and time in between sessions added to minimize person to person interactions and allow for cleaning/disinfecting.
  • Use of PPE by staff and practitioners is based on best practice public health guidelines for healthcare services, and city by-laws.
  • Both clinics are treating only people who screen Covid negative prior to their appointment. If people do not complete their covid screening, their appointment is cancelled.
  • All health practitioners and administrative personnel are working together to provide you the safest environment possible.
What is the protocol for booking appointments?

Prior to your appointment

Be aware of the region you are in, and the Covid zone your region is operating in.
Ask yourself – do I need this appointment, now, to become healthy? … to maintain my health? … to avoid being in the hospital system?
If yes, go ahead and book your appointment.
If no, wait to book an appointment for another time.

New patients

New patients will need to affirm they are Covid screened negative, and sign an informed consent when they book their first appointment. You can do this over the phone or by completing an online form.
If this is not done, your appointment will be cancelled.

Returning patients

24hours prior to appointment, all patients need to complete a Covid screening questionnaire. This will be completed online. If you wish to complete by phone, you will need to book a time the day before your appointment to do so.

If you screen negative, you may proceed with your appointment.
If you screen positive your appointment will be cancelled. You will be provided public health information for the next steps.

At this time in Toronto and Oakville, in person appointments are only for patients who have screened Covid-19 negative. Virtual/on-line/phone appointments are available in all other situations.

Please note:
If anything changed in the 24hours prior to your appointment (ie. symptoms, exposure), you must inform the office. Your appointment will be cancelled.

What do I do the day of my appointment?

The day of your appointment

  • Arrive at your appointment time. Do not arrive early – we are not using waiting rooms in either clinic location.
  • Wear your mask to your appointment (city by-laws are maintained in both Toronto and Oakville locations).
  • Upon entry you will be asked to disinfect or wash your hands. Signs are provided for appropriate hand washing/disinfecting process.
  • You will affirm nothing has changed in 24hours (for your covid screening).
  • Appropriate PPE will be chosen on an individual basis, according to public health regulations. Patients are encouraged to ask questions/discuss concerns and provide feedback.
  • Payment is made by debit or credit. We do not accept cash.
  • All contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected between clients, and at the beginning and end of the day.  

If your symptoms or exposure change in the 24hours prior to your appointment you must report this to the office and your appointment will be cancelled.

Your personal protocol checklist to attend your appointment.

Did you complete the following?

  1. Verbal or online Covid-19 screening when booking your appointment for the first time.
  2. Verbal or online Covid-19 screening submitted the night before your appointment for the first time and all returning visits.
  3. Wear your mask to your appointment.
  4. Arrive at your appointment time. Bring your debit or credit card.
  5. Wash or disinfect your hands upon arrival.
  6. Affirm nothing has changed in 24hours.
  7. Wash or disinfect your hands upon departure.