Integrative Medicine FAQ’s

What is Integrative Medicine?

The operating definition and use of the phrase Integrative Medicine here refers to:
the practices, substances, tools. techniques, and knowledge available; used to restore an individual to balance within their whole being (internal) and their relation to the world surround them (external) combining all currently available teachings and medicine systems, including therapeutic modalities.

The key here, is the combination of all medicine systems to reach an end point of balance.

Western medicine sometimes indicates it is the only viable form of medicine. And yet – many types of medicine ways have been present throughout human history.
The illness or discomfort a person has requires a unique path to unwind and restore balance.
The accessing of ‘the right tools at the right time’ assists an individual to restore balance in an expedient and efficient manner, with more lasting potential.
Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Too much treatment can lead to over-treatment, exhaustion or extending the time of discomfort/imbalance.
To co-ordinate the use of several medicine systems and therapeutic modalities, it is important to have a framework of understanding of how they work together … so that timing of treatments are supportive to an individual, instead of detrimental.

What is your training?

My training spans 40 years of working in various therapeutic professional capacities – within athletic clinics, for athletic teams, hospitals, public clinics and private clinics. It involves serving in businesses, sports events, arts/music events and within people’s homes. I have experience serving in urban and rural settings, in 4 continents and several countries. I was trained in the highest of clinical standards, following NIH (National Institute for Health) and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines, through the CWIS (Center for World Indigenous Studies) and the CTM (Center for Traditional Medicine). I have been trained by Elders from many Nations – taking this excellence into my service in Canada. Continual upgrading and training occurs on a regular basis.

If you would like more information make a request through the contact section.

What does an Integrative Medicine Practitioner do?

An Integrative Medicine Practitioner uses all the practices, tools, techniques and knowledge available, in all the medicine and/or therapeutic systems they have trained in. Applying a ‘systems thought’ model (integrative, spiralist thought), they understand there are many variables which contribute to an existing imbalance within an individual. They understand the individual is a whole – composed of body, mind, spirit and emotions, who is subject to internal and external influences.

Thus, they understand:

  • Each individual is a unique dynamic living being
  • Each health professional has a unique service to offer – and is there because there are people that need their unique services
  • What works for one person may or may not work for another person
  • All systems of medicine and therapeutics have benefit when used in balance
  • To foster balance in all aspects of an individual a well-planned, multi-disciplinary approach can yield much benefit

There are two basic ways of using the Integrative Medicine services I provide:

  • As a practitioner I am a part of your team, you are using one or more of the services I offer.
  • For Integrative Medicine program planning: I operate more as a coach or consultant. Our time together may include:
    • Integrating all aspects of your being
    • Self development – management, monitoring, reflection, advocacy, personal empowerment
    • Learning how to develop and be the master of your ‘program plan’ – treatments, self help protocols, team members, supplements/medications
    • Education and referrals
    • Conscious awareness of information – critical thinking, application to self, sorting misinformation/disinformation
How do I book an Integrative Medicine appointment?

To access any of the services I offer – see the other sections and book according to those instructions.

For Integrative Medicine Program Planning

  1. Take a moment to decide what you are looking for and what you are wanting help with. If you are not sure – review the list above and follow what feels right.
  2. Make your request for an Integrative Medicine Consulting session. State whether you would like an in person or phone/virtual appointment.
  3. We will book an intake session as our first session.
  4. The day before your first session you will submit a brief description of what is occurring – or – any medical diagnoses you have. You will also submit a list of the types of health practitioners you already have on your team.

In the first session you will share more detail of what is occurring and what you are needing assistance with. At the end of the first session, you will be provided with a suggestion of how many sessions we might need to accomplish your goals.
Continuing sessions will vary from 30min to 1.5hr in length, according to your needs.

If unsure what you need, you can book a complimentary 15min discussion.

Investment and Options

All sessions are time-based fee for service $150/hr (+HST in Canada)

Recognizing Disparity

I serve people of all ages, all cultures, traditions and religions. I provide a BIPOC friendly and LGBTQIA+ friendly environment.

In recognition of social and economic disparity, I offer co-creative payment plans for people in need. This allows people to participate in the services when they need the services, without waiting until they have money. Feel free to contact me for more information.