What is NLP?

NLP refers to neuro-linguistic programming. It is a mental-behavioral technology to help us understand how we were ‘wired’ and how we can change. NLP combines an understanding of:

  • The physiological and functional neurology of our mind and emotions (neuro)
  • The language we use – the things we say to ourselves and how we communicate with others (linguistic)
  • How our perception operates based on past/current experiences, thoughts, beliefs, emotions – how we use that perception – and – how perception affects our lives (programming)

It is a process that helps us recognize what is occurring within us at a mental/emotional level, and if we choose, to create change for ourselves.

What is an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) session?

NLP mini series
This is a short series of appointments which provide rapid awareness and change of a specific thought or emotional pattern you are experiencing. We work together for a combined total of 4 hours (divided into 2 or 3 shorter sessions) to help you recognize, develop a plan and take action for change.
This series is used by people already engaged in other services I offer or who have previous NLP experience and do not require a full program.

NLP full program
This longer series of appointments offers guaranteed change. We work together over 6 months to help you to reach the specific goals you have set for yourself. During this time, we explore a variety of mental and emotional patterns you are experiencing. We also develop new skills, strategies and resources where needed. You learn to develop and implement a plan with do-able steps and actions for lasting change.
This program is perfect for someone new to NLP or people who have something they have been trying to change in their life and haven’t yet been able to do so.

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What is your training?

I have long had a fascination with the brain, our mind, our perception and how we navigate our way through the world. I am intrigued with the way our mental conditioning, our discounting or lack of expressing emotions and learning how to express emotions in healthy ways affects our whole life experience. I had been interested in the application of neurobehavioral principles to everyday life from a young age, naturally leading to NLP – with performance, in a rehabilitative context, a mental/emotional therapeutic context and later a full regenerative context.

I received my NLP Master Practitioner training with Dr. Kim Redman of Creatrix Transformational Solutions/Creatrix Go Quantum. This unique program combines ancient wisdom, quantum leadership and quantum consciousness with the power of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Results Coaching.

Investment and Options

NLP mini series $700 (+HST in Canada)
NLP full program $2500 (+HST in Canada)

Recognizing Disparity

I serve people of all ages, all cultures, traditions and religions. I provide a BIPOC friendly and LGBTQIA+ friendly environment.
In recognition of social and economic disparity, I offer co-creative payment plans for people in need. This allows people to participate in the services when they need the services, without waiting until they have money. Feel free to contact me for more information.