Body Intuition (BI) FAQ’s

What is Body Intuition?

What is Intuition?
A formal definition of intuition is “inner knowing”. A general definition is “the gift of being able to talk to spirits”. The way I like to define intuition is the use of the full abilities you have as a human being to experience and communicate with the world within you and the world surround you. We are all able to be intuitive. We are all naturally hard-wired and soft-wired to be intuitive beings. We all have wisdom inside of us that can help us be all we are.
Sometimes, we have trouble listening – we weren’t taught, we are too tired/stressed to be clear, or we’ve forgotten how. Our conditioning, sometimes, has led us to believe we are less than what we are. This is when we can look to others for help.

What is a Body Intuition Reading
With a Body Intuition Reading – we look to our Body for help. A Body Intuition (BI) reading is a mini version of a full Medical Intuition (MI) Scan. It is a form of an intuitive reading, where your body shares its wisdom. It is a great alternative when you are having difficulty listening to your body, or there are too many things to listen to. You can schedule any timeframe you would like – from 15min to 1.5hrs.

When would I use Body Intuition?

A BI reading helps when:

  • You are confused about what is happening with you
  • you have already had an MI scan OR you don’t need a full MI scan
  • You need a quick check in with your body
  • You have one or two questions to ask of your body
  • You have a list of supplements that have been recommended to you – and – you want to affirm what works best with or how your body wants to schedule taking them
What do I gain from a BI Reading?

You gain information directly from the wisdom of your body. This helps you develop a better connection and understanding with your body. It helps people be more efficient and effective in what they are doing to feel better.

How do I book a BI reading?

Single question, email response
Send your question via our contact section. Allow 1 – 2 weeks for response. If you are already a client, and it is an emergency situation please indicate you need a response asap.

15min-1.5hr Body Intuition
When you have previously had an appointment, all information is provided through email, unless you request a phone/virtual conversation. There will be an extra charge for the conversation.
When you have not had a previous appointment, our first appointment will include a phone/virtual conversation.

Send your request for booking a Body Intuition session, and preferred time allowance by email. The day and time of your appointment will be affirmed.
Send the information you want from your body, by email, the day before your appointment. If your information is not received, your appointment will be cancelled.

You will receive an email with your information from your Body within 24hours following your appointment time.

What type of Information do I send?

  • Questions you have for your Body to answer
  • Issues that you are experiencing
  • Concerns you have about your Body
  • Lists of supplements
  • Lists of treatments/potential treatments
  • Information from health practitioners on your team
Investment and Options

Single question, with email response $50 (+HST in Canada)

All other times are offered for $150/hour (+HST in Canada)

Recognizing Disparity

I serve people of all ages, all cultures, traditions and religions. I provide a BIPOC friendly and LGBTQIA+ friendly environment.

In recognition of social and economic disparity, I offer co-creative payment plans for people in need. This allows people to participate in the services when they need the services, without waiting until they have money. Feel free to contact me for more information.