What is a Co-Creative Payment Plan?

What is a Co-Creative Payment Plan?

A co-creative payment plan is a way you can have your services today when you need them – when you are in a situation where you do not have insurance coverage – or – you do not have all the money to be able to pay for the services you are accessing. It is a way we can work together to help you get to where you need to go.

I offer this because I was once in your place.
I offer this because I believe in you.
I offer this because, as a Traditional Indigenous Medicine practitioner, I believe we need to do the work when ‘the time is ripe’ – and – I understand there are many ways to the same end.
I offer this because I believe and know the full support of the universe.

I offer this because I previously tried barter, exchange and free services – and – the way some humans are in current society, this doesn’t work any longer. I have had people who have not completed their agreements. This hit home when I once had a family emergency to attend to. The only people who complained, or created difficulties when I had to change appointments, were the people who were not paying money for services. Therefore, upon reflection and consultation with Elders and the Ancestors, the Co-Creative Payment Plan was born.

How do we do this?

  • We have an intake session to determine what your needs are.
  • We come to a mutual decision on how many sessions and the type of sessions you will need to get you on your way to health or accomplish your current goals.
  • I provide you a monetary value for the number of initial sessions we agree on.
  • You provide me with an amount for what you can pay – and the timeframe you will make your payment. For example: you can pay me $20 every two weeks, or you can pay me $15 once a month.
  • We agree on the dates, each month, for your payment.
  • You pay on those dates, each month, until the balance is paid in full. There is no service charge, no interest charge and no late fees charge.
  • You can pay the full amount at any time. As well, if you find the payments are too much, you can change the payment amount with notice.

It is very important as you are deciding on what you can pay – that you come to an amount which allows you to be financially stable – that is – you can meet all your necessities and all your expenses (for you and your loved ones). You must choose an amount that works easily for your budget. Doing so – you will be ensuring the full abundant flow of the universe for all involved.

I believe in this work. I believe in you. I know that when we have you in a better place, you will be more than able to change your financial situation. My hope is you believe in you, and you allow this as an option for you, when it is necessary.

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