Medical Intuition FAQ’s

What is Medical Intuition?


This is a relatively recent term in evolution of the English language. Many people see the term being coined by Dr. Norm Shealy and Carolyn Myss. Following this explosion of understanding, many people began using the term for a variety of medical intuition and body intuition modalities. In this context, Medical Intuition is a vehicle to supply information about what is occurring in a person’s body and whole being, in relation to a medical diagnosis.

I feel it is important for people to recognize that long before the term medical intuition gained in popularity, communicating with the body (body reading, body intuition) occurred as a regular part of Indigenous Medicine traditions. A Traditional Indigenous Medicine person would not be allowed to work with a body if they did not know how to communicate with the body.

In Western culture (European and North American), there were other spiritualists, mentalists and intuitives such as Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802 – 1866) and Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945), who were providing forms of body information related to medical diagnoses and actions/procedures that would assist individuals in their healing process.

You will find that different people, different schools of thought, define their version of Medical Intuition in different ways. Now there are people who provide healing sessions during Medical Intuition. Therefore, it is important for you to know what you want, and be clear on the service the person provides.


For me: Medical Intuition is a term I use so people can find me, and I can assist them to communicate with their body and hear the story the body has to share. I use the term with specific reference to a full Medical Intuition Scan.
Medical Intuition is: Communicating with the body to learn the story of the body – as it needs to share, recorded in full detail. It is the story of what is happening to the body and through the body; involving any internal factors, all parts of a person’s being (mind, emotions, spirit) and external influences.

What is a Medical Intuition (MI) Scan?

Medical Intuition, as per Total Body Intuition, is a way of gathering information. It is a form of communication. It is not a healing modality.  It is not something that I do to a person. 

An MI Scan is a methodology that allows the body to share all the information it needs to share – about what is occurring, now, in this moment, and the factors (internal and external) that influence what is occurring. It is the story of the body.

There are two parts to the scan – the ‘meet and greet’ and the ‘head to toe’:

  • In the initial ‘meet and greet’ the body relates whatever it needs to share as an introduction: a list of areas we will cover, setting the stage for the next section, providing an important piece of information that assists in understanding the next section, an emotional or mental influence that is significant.
  • The ‘head to toe’ section is the part of the scan where I move systematically from the top of the head, through the whole body, to the bottom of the feet. Every person and each body have a core vibration that is theirs and theirs alone – much like a radio station or an internet site. As I scan the body, I pay attention to when that core vibration shifts and changes. When this occurs, I follow the guidance of the body showing all the factors for why this is occurring.

Incorporated into the scan are a variety of methods of connecting and communicating with energies.  I record all information exactly the way the body presents the information.  I ensure there is no interpretation of anything the body shares – in order that you are receiving the essential, pure story from the body. When other energies are creating or contributing to an experience in the body, those energies will also be relayed, as they present.

You will receive detailed information from your body, from which you can:

  • Develop a better understanding of your body
  • Develop a better ability to work with and listen to your body’s guidance and wisdom
  • Develop an action plan to put steps into place to change the experience you are having in/with your body.
Why have a Medical Intuition Scan?

This is a beneficial modality if:

  • you are looking for a way of establishing a better/deeper connection with your body
  • you are searching for understanding of the root and cause of what you are experiencing in your body
  • you are having difficulty developing a plan to address what is occurring in your body
  • some things seem to be working, some things don’t and there is confusion
  • you have been to multiple health practitioners and have yet to receive an understanding or diagnosis of what is occurring
  • you have a medical diagnosis and want to also engage complementary/alternative approaches
  • you have been to multiple health practitioners and have not had any change
  • you are confused/concerned about what you are going through
  • you have been to multiple health practitioners, have made progress and now you seem to have ‘hit a plateau’ and haven’t changed in awhile
What is your MI Training?

The early days

I have practiced body awareness and body communication (body intuition) as long as I can remember.  Through my early athletic endeavors, I was taught to have a continuous self reflection on the performance of my body. This included regularly monitoring my heart rate, my ability to recover from workouts, my form in workouts and races, potential for injury, recovery from injury, food in relation to endurance, speed and races and my mental/emotional ‘fitness’. This I taught to others when coaching. Later through my rehabilitation of others, I was adapting what I knew and teaching others how to have self reflection on the ‘performance’ of their body.

I have been actively studying the scientific, energetic and quantum physics understanding of the human body and being for 40 years – with varying intensity at different times, depending upon programs, academia and research. This includes the understanding at an early age of how important it was to develop and adapt the material I was learning to living functional reality to best help people. For example – to take what we learn in anatomy from cadavers and abstract to living anatomy.

Communication/MI training

I have mentioned elsewhere the closing down of my ‘intuitive’/communication abilities followed by the unlearning of my conditioning and the re-learning of what was innate, natural and normal. And continuously working on and developing my skills as time continued and life brought new experiences.

As I developed my professional skills in Indigenous ways of communication and in Western Channelling and Intuition, it became a natural progression to progress to Medical Intuition.

I chose to train in Lori Wilson’s style of Medical Intuition, Total Body Intuition. I chose this because at the time, this organization was the only one that also taught ethics as a part of Intuition training and taught a system that strictly had the body as a focal point. I became a student of Lori’s, later a teaching assistant and continued to become a teacher and mentor of Medical Intuition.

My early days in Medical Intuition served a variety of cases, and soon, I developed a skill set for following and tracking complex situations in the body. Naturally, and through my Indigenous training, having an understanding of the reality of inter-connection allowed for a more integrative understanding and ability to follow the body wherever it took me in its story.

Advanced training by the body

More recently, my spiritual sabbatical (recovery from multisystem organ failure), taught me yet another level of body communication. In the beginning of this sabbatical I had lost function of all tissues and systems of the body. Therefore, every action you take for granted that your body accomplishes daily, I had to relearn, while regenerating tissue. I used Lori’s assistance when I was too ill to connect to or ‘hear’ my body, and later, my own abilities began to return. My body was the expert who knew what to do, when to do it and how to do it. When the medical system turned me out, when there was not much money for therapy, and few therapists who would provide services with alternative payment plans … I still made movement forward every day. Why? Because of the information the body shared.

When I had chronic pain and inflammation escalate as a part of the healing process, when I had rotating bleeds as a part of the healing process – the body helped me develop my ‘protocols’ to move through the shifts and changes. When my mind wanted to give up and was exhausted with the effort, when I felt hopeless – the body helped remind me how far I had truly come and what was really going on (physiologically, neurologically, structurally). When doctors/therapists told me “it is all in your head” – the body told me what was really occurring. And…I would take what the body suggested, research and develop a way through. Closely listening and following the body’s suggestions were fundamental to be able to restore to 100% vital health, from a severely damaged body.

Now, I am continuing my learning – having the privilege and honor, on a daily basis to be communicating with my body and the bodies of the people I serve. Today I know how little I know about the vast potential of the human body. Today I know – tomorrow I will learn more – and be better able to serve the people I am in contact with and have the honor to serve.

How do I book an appointment?
  1. Think about why this is important to you at this time and the information you would like to receive from your body.
  2. Send your request for an MI Scan through the contact section.
  3. You will book a 1hr phone appointment for a Medical Intuition Scan.
  4. Any questions, issues or concerns you want addressed must be sent 2 days prior to your appointment.
  5. Your scan will be completed the day before your phone appointment. I will spend a maximum of 4 hours completing your scan.
  6. A copy of your MI Scan will be sent to you following your phone appointment.
  7. Payment happens following the appointment.

You can request a complimentary 15min conversation prior to booking an MI Scan, if you have any questions.

What do I do during MI Scan or appointment?

What do I do during the MI Scan?

You do not need to be present when the MI Scan is occurring. You can go about your normal daily activities. You may think about me during that day. Often you will think about me when I am doing the MI scan, as I am in conversation with your body – and – your energy field. Therefore, your consciousness is aware of our interaction. You do not need to be relaxed or in meditation while the MI scan is occurring – remember there is no healing modality occurring.

During the 1hr phone appointment:

  • We review the information your body provided in the MI Scan. I read the document word for word, as the body presented the information.
    We will spend 10-15min for any further questions you have of the body – they will be directly answered.
  • We will spend 5min reviewing how to create your action plan/work with the information your body has provided.

You are encouraged to listen and absorb the information. You may take some brief notes if you wish. You may record the session.

What do I do after an appointment?

Sometimes people feel quite full or slightly overwhelmed at the end of an appointment. They feel like they have questions and aren’t sure what to ask because they have just listened to a lot of information.

Due to the detail and nature of the information the body provides, along with how past clients have used their MI scan information, I now also provide you a 1 hour follow up appointment for any questions you have of your body that are related to the scan.  This is provided for 1 month following the scan.

How do I make my action plan from a Medical Intuition Scan?
  1. first and foremost – leave the information alone for a full 24 hours. Yes, that’s right – don’t do anything with it for 24 hours.
    Why? This is your time to integrate the information.  By not analyzing it you provide your self the opportunity to more fully connect with your body; you provide your self the opportunity to not overwhelm yourself with your mind and the questions your mind develops; you provide yourself to chew over, ruminate, digest, process the information; you provide your self the opportunity for more clarity when you do chose to sit with the information.
    Are you a talker?  if so…during this time, feel free to talk with friends or family – however – stop yourself from figuring things out or analyzing.  Simply share your experience – share the appointment and how you felt, the information that comes to mind, your experience.  Sometimes speaking without analyzing does help some people process.
    If during this time you become aware of other things from your body or related to your body – write them down somewhere
  2. Take your scan and have pen and paper (or your computer) on hand.
    Read over the scan. While you are reading – write your own notes.  Highlight what seems important to you. Write anything that you remember – no matter how strange or unrelated it may seem to your conscious mind; anything that you feel; anything that you sense in your body; anything that comes to mind/pops into your awareness; anything from your notes from #1. This is all the integration and connections you have made with the information.
  3. Beginning to organize your information: Now you have the information from your body and the information from you. On a sheet of paper (or in your computer) – draw a line down the middle of the page. Label one side ‘priorities’ and the other side ‘actions.’ You may also want another piece of paper where you can write – people to call/make appointment with.
    Read both sets of information again. This time begin to fill in your lists. Any time something feels like a priority – list it in the priorities section. Any time something feels like an action – list it in the actions section. Any time you think of booking an appointment with a health practitioner – write it on the page.
    Now – read the lists and label each point on the list with a number ranking how important each point is in relation to other points. For instance, 1 might be most important and 10 might be least important. Organize this information in the way that best suits you.
    You now have your priorities in place and preliminary actions in place, and in order of relevance and importance.
  4. And next – for some the hardest step – is to put your action plan into action.
    Begin with one step at a time.  Make time in your schedule to take that action. Put that one step into action and bring it to completion (or if it is something that will occur over a long period of time, then do it until it becomes habit before moving to the next step).  As you complete the action – then step into action on the next step. Complete the next step – and start the next step. Repeat this until all of your actions on your action plan are complete.
    As you do this – if you are not consistent with the actions, or you are having difficulty to complete the actions … re-read your priorities, re-read your scan. This will remind you of the importance of seeing these actions through to the end. If you are still having difficulty – reach out to one of your health practitioners, or bring a new health practitioner on board.
Investment and Options

$650 Cdn (+HST in Canada)
includes: MI Scan, 1 hr phone appointment, 1 hr follow up (within 1 month), written copy of information


Recognizing Disparity
I serve people of all ages, all cultures, traditions and religions. I provide a BIPOC friendly and LGBTQIA+ friendly environment.

In recognition of social and economic disparity, I offer co-creative payment plans for people in need. This allows people to participate in the services when they need the services, without waiting until they have money. Feel free to contact me for more information.

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